NBC News reports that alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was injured in prison this week, found semiconscious in his cell with marks around his neck. But that’s not the real news. The real news is that Epstein’s injury has revived the conspiracy theory of the “Clinton Body Count,” which started trending on Twitter Thursday afternoon as the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount.

To be perfectly honest, we think the conspiracy theories are just that — but it’s fun to see NBC News tackle the subject and immediately dismiss all of the deaths surrounding the Clintons as “baseless.”

That was our thought. “Have you heard this rumor about the Clintons? No? Well, it’s not true, so forget you heard about it.”

Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is still repeating the conspiracy theory that Stacy Abrams lost the Georgia gubernatorial election because of voter suppression — go report on that nutcase.