There’s no question that universities are at the forefront of the “sanctuary movement,” with students at schools like Oberlin College, Yale, Amherst College, Penn State, Columbia, Brown, and others staging walk-outs and holding petitions to demand their schools be declared “sanctuary campuses,” even though some, like Oberlin, are already situated in sanctuary cities.

Investigative reporter Celine Ryan over at Campus Reform writes that Tufts University is engaging in a year-long “art project” that features “ICE Escape Signs” being posted around the campus.

Ryan writes:

Signs detailing escape routes in the event of an ICE raid will be posted around Tufts University as part of a year-long “art project.”

The signs are modeled after the specific layouts of the buildings in which they are posted. Much like fire escape signs, they depict exit routes most effective for evading ICE officers, who are represented on the signs as stick figures with hats and guns.

The placards are part of a project by artist Jenny Polak titled “ICE Escape Signs,” that she describes as “an ongoing series based on fire-escape signs, and sited like the real signs, using site-specific floor-plans of buildings.”

Polak sends the signs to “any venues that ask to participate,” and encourages visitors to her website to “order yours today.” They have so far been featured at several locations, including the New Jersey Institute of Technology School of Architecture, and two New York public libraries.

Here’s an example of Polak’s artwork, which if you’re old enough you could easily mistake for the 1980 arcade game “Berzerk”:

Wow, that’s some breathtaking “art” … almost as good as Mattress Girl and her “Carry That Weight” performance art project.

If only they could; more detailed maps, please.

Who knows? In 2021 we could have open borders and free college for those we used to call “illegals.”