Candidate Donald Trump riled progressives out of the gate with his talk of building a border wall, and now that he’s President-elect Trump, college students across the country are demanding that their schools become sanctuary campuses.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the marches and protests going on at universities across America Wednesday as part of a coordinated effort to shelter illegal immigrants from the law and, in some cases, provide them free tuition — what better way to prepare them for adult life?

It’s no surprise that students at Oberlin College, who have already demanded the establishment of black-only safe spaces and the elimination of all grades below a C, are petitioning to have their school declared a sanctuary campus as well. That, essentially, would be erecting walls within walls, as the City of Oberlin, Ohio declared itself a sanctuary city in 2009.

Do these students have any idea that they’re already living inside of sanctuaries?


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