As Twitchy reported earlier, the brave firefighters in the media all rushed in to protect the virtue of Rep. Ilhan Omar Wednesday after President Trump was asked a question about possible immigration fraud on her part.

Liberal propaganda site NowThis News, which just a day ago posted a video of Omar opining on the definition of true patriotism, blasted the president for bringing it up.

If NowThis would read their own captions, they’d see Trump saying, “You’re asking me a question about it,” and “I know nothing about it.”

But now the media narrative is that President Trump claimed that Omar married her brother. Let the outrage begin.

Even Snopes, who you’d think would be falling over themselves to debunk this wild conspiracy theory, can only state that it’s “unproven.”

The Star-Tribune has asked for comment and not gotten it; maybe NowThis should give Omar a call and ask her to deny it flat-out once and for all. As we said earlier, they just shot a video for her to say whatever she liked, so we know they’re buds.


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