We’re not sure what Rep. Al Green has done for his district lately, but ever since President Trump was inaugurated, he’s seemed to have made a full-time gig out of filing articles of impeachment against him.

In Sept. 2017, he wanted Trump impeached for wishing that NFL owners — sorry, governors — would fire players who took a knee during the anthem. That November, he wanted Trump impeached for retweeting “anti-Muslim” videos from Britain First. This April he discussed how a vote on impeachment was “inevitable” considering the findings of the Mueller report.

So brace yourselves, because on Tuesday night, Green plans on introducing articles of impeachment against Trump.

It’s getting pretty stale.

He thought the president saying “son of a bitch” was an impeachable offense.

* * *


You go, Congressman Green — don’t ever let them stop you from pursuing that dream: