We’re adults here, so let’s admit it: a lot of women enter into relationships, including marriage, with men that they think they can change into the man they actually want — but to the man, the effort at transformation just appears as nagging. And that seems to be the way progressives approach America, the greatest country on earth … well, it could be the greatest country on earth if only they could change a few things. A lot of things, actually. And you know what — America is actually a pretty horrible place when you take a hard look at it.

So we have no doubt that Rep. Ilhan Omar, who continually criticizes America (while warning the Trump administration not to attempt a “coup” against Nicolas Maduro in beautiful Venezuela) and Israel, which has “hypnotized the world” to hide its evil deeds, actually believes that she loves America more than most who were born here — it’s just a tough love, and America’s going to have to change significantly to become the country she sees in her head.

Because she loves it even more than you do but believes it could be so much better … if it were socialist, for example.