As you might have read, this week’s #SocialMediaSummit at the White House almost turned into a brawl as a very touchy “real journalist” with laminated press credentials and all taunted President Trump’s invited guests as being “prone to demonic possession” and not even having copy editors to proof their stories.

One of Trump’s guests, Tim Pool, offered up some photos of placards used at the event defining such terms as “shadow banning,” “doxing,” and “deplatforming” — topics of concern to a lot of conservatives on social media.

In other words, no one can figure out what’s going on at Twitter despite its rollout of new, simplified rules, and Gov. Greg Abbott would like to have a word with the company about why a video he shared of a Blue Angels flyover showed up as “sensitive content” to many of his followers.

In fact, just as we embedded his tweet below, the “We can’t show you everything!” warning popped up for us too. How about you?

Abbott would like to know. We’d all like to know.

If the social media companies would like to correct the image that they’re biased against conservatives, not pulling stunts like this one would help.