As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN’s Jim Acosta managed to track down and photograph the “Baby Trump” balloon (we’re calling it a balloon and not a blimp, ’cause the thing could fit in your garage), on the National Mall Thursday, despite it being a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.

Reporters really seem taken with this balloon, and Mark Seagraves reported that due to weather conditions, Baby Trump had to be taken down — but not far down, because CODE PINK was denied a permit to fill the thing with helium and fly it over the mall.

But it’s OK, folks, the storm has apparently passed and Baby Trump is being reinflated. Again, check out the actual size of this thing:

We’ve posted this video before, but this is how Sky News in the U.K. imagined the massive blimp casting a huge shadow as it passed over England.

How seriously does CODE PINK take real issues? The next time someone complains about how money for Trump’s Independence Day celebration could have gone to the border, keep in mind that CODE PINK went to GoFundMe to raise $20,000 for this dumb stunt and managed to hit nearly $18,000.

We imagine President Trump will resign in shame when he sees that massive blimp staring back at him as he addresses the crowd.

Those are all protesters, though. See the Baby Trump balloon?

* * *


This is huge if true, but word is that an uplifting, positive celebration of America’s independence, as well as its military, at which President Trump was scheduled to speak, attracted a lot of Trump supporters:


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