If there was a winner of the second night of Democratic debates, it was Kamala Harris, who picked up a lot of traction after going after “Sleepy Joe” Biden for supporting segregationists and opposing busing. And in case you didn’t know, that fight was planned down to the minute: as Twitchy reported, the Harris campaign had this tweet ready to drop right as the exchange took place shortly after 10 p.m.:

Oh, did we mention the whole exchange was planned? The campaign even had T-shirts ready to go:

But as Twitchy reported, her campaign quickly went silent on the whole busing issue before issuing a statement that she supported busing and thought the federal government had a role to play. The Associated Press quickly came to clean up the whole mess, noting in its coverage that Harris said that busing “should be considered, not mandated.”

Yep. And to be honest, we still don’t know for sure where she stands on eliminating the private health insurance industry: is she in flip or flop position today?

Jordan Weissmann writes for Slate, and he’s had enough of the flip-flops and backtracking and the “we need to have a conversation” B.S.

Marianne Williamson thanks you for not leaving her out as Annie Leibovitz did during her photo shoot.

She went after Biden hard in the debate and it paid off. But what are her policies, really?

It worked for him. He opposed same-sex marriage and then told us all how sad he was that the could only see and not join the celebrations outside the White House, which he’d lit up in rainbow lights to celebrate same-sex marriage. And she’s going to repeal the GOP tax cuts on Day 1 on her presidency, just like Obama was going to close Guantanamo Bay on Day 1.