As Twitchy reported, an email from the Department of Justice confirms that the 2020 census form is being sent to the printer without a citizenship question. Progressives are rejoicing, perhaps most enthusiastically in California, where the huge number of illegal immigrants can now be counted toward things such as congressional representation and federal funding.

The Federalist’s Benjamin Weingarten is calling the decision “a total disaster.”

Weingarten wrote for The Federalist last March on why progressives were so insistent that a citizenship question be kept off the census:

The census is essential to our political process because it provides a population count of citizens and noncitizens that drives apportionment of U.S. House seats, and by extension the number of presidential electors allocated to each state. The census also dictates where and to whom the federal government doles out hundreds of billions of dollars.

That those state attorneys general were recently joined by former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder indicates the gravity of this issue for the Left. Why? Illegal aliens tend to live in large blue urban areas. The greater the population figures due to the counting of illegal aliens, the more political power and bacon such states can bring in.

There are also political benefits to harping on this issue: Fear-mongering over the citizenship question plays into the narrative of the “racist, anti-immigrant Trump administration” — a narrative that can be leveraged to raise money and increase turnout. And with the 2022 redistricting based on the 2020 census — a redistricting largely tied to the partisan makeup of state legislatures — making this a national issue in a 2018 midterm election year in which gubernatorial elections are being held in 36 states makes good political sense.

You can read more about that supposed “phony pretext” from Gabriel Malor here.

They don’t seem to matter to the Democratic candidates, who are starting to weigh in:

Let’s ask that at the next debate.