One thing we’ve learned from the Democratic debates is that the party is all abortion, all the time. As Twitchy reported, even MSNBC’s moderators asked candidates if they’d place any limits on abortion, a question that Elizabeth Warren, for one, completely avoided answering — so that’s a no.

Although we’ve heard plenty of hot takes about abortion bans and heartbeat bills going into effect across the country, attorney Victoria Abraham wrote a piece on repeating the argument that abortion bans — and even laws that prevent taxpayer money from being used to perform abortions — hurt women of color and poor women the most.

Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen sure liked the piece, enough to pull a quote from it and post it from her account:

We’re not Christian fundamentalists, but please, tell us more:

This is not an accident. The abortion ban is a way of punishing Black, Brown, and poor women for engaging in sexual behavior that Christian fundamentalists abhor. It is a means of exercising control over Black, Brown and poor women’s bodies. And it is also designed to keep the most marginalized groups in society on the fringes by keeping racialized poor people in poverty.

A woman who is poor may not also have the means to raise a child and being forced to do so will plunge her and her family further into poverty. This woman might be unmarried, or she may have multiple other children; she may have a mental illness, or a physical disability, or simply be struggling to make ends meet. She may not be able to take time off to have a baby because she is the sole breadwinner for her family and her job does not provide parental leave. Forcing her to have a baby she knows she cannot adequately provide for signifies a disregard both for the woman’s life and the life of the baby.

We don’t think you need to be a Christian fundamentalist to suggest that if you’re too poor to have a baby, you should probably abstain from sex or use birth control, which is cheap as dirt. Also, don’t black women ever get tired of the liberal assumption that they’re poor?