As you probably know, journalist Andy Ngo was sent to the ER Saturday while covering an Antifa protest of a Proud Boys rally in Portland; he was first hit with milkshakes (which police now say could have been quick-drying cement) and when that didn’t dissuade him, then fists.

Twitchy covered a thread by Jake Tapper back in 2017 when he posted several instances of Antifa attacking journalists, and he reposted a few of those instances Saturday.

“It’s reprehensible” should pretty well cover it, but other journalists were quick to hit Tapper with some, “Well ACKSHUALLY” posts.

Charlie Warzel is an opinion writer for the New York Times:

We’d post the thread from that “great journalist,” but he’s since protected his Twitter account. Very brave. Fortunately, Stephen Miller caught it:

Yes, NPR’s Tim Mak was nearly hit by an egg. But we’re a little more concerned with Ngo, who was targeted for violence by Antifa.

Again, this is how journalists are reacting to Tapper posting, with evidence, that Antifa often target journalists for the same reason they wear masks — they plan for violence and don’t want it documented. Even the mighty Washington Post learned that firsthand.

But don’t you dare criticize them. The real danger is covering a Trump rally when the crowd’s chanting, “CNN sucks!” or sitting in the White House briefing room and having a young female staffer try to hand the mic to another reporter.