OK, a lot of people are giving Avi Selk credit for this piece in The Washington Post that finally calls out Antifa for its attacks on journalists.

But — seriously? Antifa harassed the media because they couldn’t find any Nazis to punch?

Maybe it’s just that Twitchy has paid close attention to Antifa since the 2016 election, but it shouldn’t be news to any reporter that the clowns who are always wearing hoodies and kerchiefs over their faces don’t want to be videotaped doing what they’re doing.

That’s why an NBC News crew and its “snitch ass news bitch” were assaulted for covering a protest in Charlottesville Saturday night.

Give credit to CNN’s Jake Tapper for making note that at least two journalists were attacked by Antifa at last year’s deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va.

And here’s the Antifa at work in Berkeley, Calif., last summer. Face it, journalists: they’re just not that into you.

And again in Berkeley, here are photos and news chopper video of a cameraman being chased down and beaten by the Antifa mob:

At least Selk seems to have a clue; reporters might not hate Antifa, but Antifa hates reporters:

When a Washington Post reporter tried to interview the antifascists, they refused to speak. When he followed them up the street with his cellphone camera, one of them shoved a black umbrella into his lens and several shouted: “No photos!”

“This can harm us,” one of the protesters said, just before someone swatted the reporter’s iPhone out of his hand and threw it into the middle of the street.

The reporter and camera were fine, but the incident was hardly isolated. Throughout the day, journalists covering the rally shared stories of cameras being yanked and reporters accosted by members of the same movement that claims it is protecting free society.

Nice to see The Washington Post finally waking up after publishing this gem last year, 10 days before Antifa members were chasing journalists in Berkeley: