A Twitchy reported earlier this week, San Francisco voted Tuesday to ban the sale of Juuls and other e-cigarettes, becoming the first U.S. city to do so. So what about real cigarettes? Those, along with recreational marijuana, will remain legal. So if you’re a cigarette smoker in San Francisco who had switched to vaping as a step toward quitting, sorry.

Seattle’s mayor was paying attention, and she thinks the e-cigarette ban is a conversation worth having.

Forget about smoking; we take a drink whenever a Democrat says, “We cannot afford to go backward.”

People seem glad that Mayor Durkan has her priorities in order:

Radio host Jason Rantz writes:

But when it comes to heroin addicts, users injecting themselves with an illegal substance in a way so dangerous they need to be supervised by a medical professional, suddenly, Durkan supports harm reduction, backing the idea of heroin injection sites.

When the Seattle-based U.S. Attorney cautioned the city against moving forward with the illegal sites, Durkan’s spokesperson complained to the Seattle Times that he would want “to block a harm-reduction strategy to the opioid epidemic.”

There’s no real rhyme or reason to Durkan’s position on harm reduction except she seems to like breaking federal laws while telling her residents how they should live.

Seattle’s more famous for the heroin needles in its streets than the Space Needle at this point.

Sounds like Seattle’s mayor wants her city to be the next San Francisco, complete with poop map.


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