Independence Day is just around the corner, which means we just might be in for another round of the #AmericaWasNeverGreat hashtag on Twitter.

We have a theory about progressives — they’re so consumed with whatever utopia they envision that they can’t abide being associated with anything flawed. Yes, America was and is flawed. Slavery was an aberration. America ended slavery, but that’s not good enough. Nothing will be good enough until … reparations are passed? The Green New Deal is signed into law? Capitalism is replaced with socialism?

Conservatives, on the other hand, can acknowledge America’s flaws and still celebrate its greatness. That’s one reason why President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan triggered so many, and why the “ACKSHUALLY” crowd claimed he stole the slogan from the Nazis, of course.

As Twitchy reported, Pete Buttigieg is on the “America was never great” train, telling crowd after crowd that America’s past was never “as great as advertised.” And now Kamala Harris is either ripping him off or echoing Hillary Clinton.

Before schools were integrated? Ask your buddy Joe Biden about that.

Yeah, it worked great for Hillary, and she stole it from Barack Obama:

And even Eric Holder got in on the action, saying the idea of greatness reflected “an American past that never in fact really existed.”

It worked great for Hillary, so by all means, keep at it:

America hasn’t paid reparations — that’s going to be a hot issue during the debates.

They’re still storming the southern border in an attempt to get into those U.S. “concentration camps.”

What we said about progressives above? Perfect example:

America could be great if we just changed everything first.