Props to 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg for waiting until after the D-Day commemorations to rejoin the “America was never great” crowd.

Something about “Make America Great Again” really triggers the progressives. Remember back during the campaign when the “ackshually” crowd was telling us that phrase was essentially lifted from the Nazis?

When candidate Hillary Clinton said “let’s make America great again” was code for “let’s go backward” to when rights were reserved for white males only?

When Rep. Maxine Waters exploded at Rep. Mike Kelly for using the words on the House floor, prompting her to shriek, “I am more offended as an African American woman than you will ever be.”

This isn’t the first time Pete Buttigieg has said America’s past was never “as great as advertised” and likely won’t be the last.

He made the remarks at a Capital City Pride rally outside the Iowa state capitol.

So we can’t make America great again because America was never truly great. Got it … we heard you the first time.

Here’s another zinger:

Pretty sure that’s already illegal, so we’re not sure what his point is there. To paraphrase Buttigieg, as Twitchy reported, that “ban” on transexuals in the military was in reality not nearly as advertised in the mainstream media.

Memo to Mayor Pete: the progressive media already thinks you’re not the right kind of gay — white, male, upper-class, Midwestern, married, Ivy League-educated, and a man of faith, and therefore not quite queer enough — so you might want to lay off the puns.

Plus, we encourage all Democrats to run on the platform that America was never great. It’s a winning message, guaranteed.