Her father opposed it, but Meghan McCain came out against the ban on transgender people serving in the military after hosting a segment on “The View.” The ban is expected to go into effect Friday.

GLADD published what it claims is a comprehensive overview of the policy.

According to GLAAD, any transgender person in active service who comes out publicly as transgender and seeks to transition will face discharge, and transgender Americans will be barred from further enlistment.

However, Military.com updated its story on the ban after receiving additional information from a Pentagon spokesperson. Here’s what they have to say now:

Transgender troops who are currently serving will be allowed to remain in uniform, Defense Department spokesman Charles Summers told reporters. But that won’t be the case for everyone interested in joining the ranks.

“Those who are currently serving will continue to serve, and those who’ve had medical service for gender dysphoria will not be allowed to serve,” he said.

Lt. Col. Joe Buccino, a spokesman for Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said the proposed policy “is not a ban on service by transgender persons.”

“Under the proposed policy, no one may be denied entry into the military or involuntarily discharged based solely on gender identity,” he said. “However, a diagnosis or history of gender dysphoria, a medical condition requiring long-term treatment, can be disqualifying.

So it appears the ban is not as sweeping as advertised. Of course, opponents haven’t changed their minds, but gender identity alone will not disqualify a transgender person from entering the military.

So does this mean people will lay off President Trump? Will they forgive Meghan McCain for being a Republican, even if just for a day?