Journalists stuck on the campaign trail with Eric Swawell, who’s still polling at 0 percent and pushing mandatory gun “buybacks,” are starting to count the number of times Swalwell has used his line that the nearly two-dozen candidates making up the Democratic field are like “The Avengers,” while the Republicans are like “The Hunger Games.”

As far as we know, he kicked it off in early June:

Swalwell’s not even old enough to rate the “How do you do, fellow kids?” meme, so instead, journalists and others just continue to cringe. He dropped the line again at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame event.

He gave it another shot on MSNBC:

And apparently, he tried the line again Friday at Rep. Jim Clyburn’s “World Famous Fish Fry.”

Hey, they even have matching superhero costumes, thanks to Clyburn.

Dude, there’s literally a character named War Machine who has two automatic-fire gun turrets mounted on his shoulders.

With 23 candidates running, it takes something special to run the most embarrassing campaign.