As Twitchy reported earlier, former aide to President Trump Hope Hicks (whose candid at-work photo in The New York Times was criticized by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Soledad O’Brien as a posed “glamour shot”) appeared before the House Judiciary Committee Thursday, apparently to read stretches of the Mueller report to members of Congress.

Chairman Jerry Nadler made a few enemies by referring to Hicks three separate times as “Ms. Lewandowski.” Olivia Nuzzi called it “sexist and appalling.”

Washington Times columnist Matt Mackowiak also found it offensive:

We didn’t foresee anyone coming forward to white knight for Nadler, but in retrospect, we should have. New York Times correspondent Glenn Thrush wanted proof from Mackowiak that Nadler had done it on purpose … over and over … with her name right there on a placard.

“I’ve covered Nadler for 30 years so of course I’m just a detached observer.”

Oh, so maybe it was strain and exhaustion that made him do it again and again, despite her name never having been Lewandowski.

Hey, a lot of good men got caught up in that whole #MeToo movement. And some not-so-good men.

Maybe we should heed Glenn Rather and give Rep. Gacy the benefit of the doubt; Gacy has been under a lot of strain lately, and Rather has been covering Gacy for 30 years.