As Twitchy reported, Legal Insurrection has been doing invaluable work in covering the legal battle between über-liberal bastion Oberlin College and Gibson’s, a family-owned bakery that faced boycotts and protests by Oberlin students and administration after an employee stopped three black Oberlin students from shoplifting alcohol.

The super-woke students did all they could to destroy the bakery, claiming the owners were racists with a history of racial profiling (disproved in court), and the college stopped doing business with the bakery, fearing the students would have a “tantrum” if they didn’t.

Oberlin College’s participation in branding the Gibsons as racists cost it around $33 million, but now a school administration has sent out a blast email with a link to an FAQ disputing the court’s ruling.

That’s funny … $33 million says it did.

Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin is an Oberlin graduate:

Legal Insurrection got its hands on the blast email from President Carmen Twillie Ambar, in which she tries to reframe the defamation suit as a battle over free speech:

While the below link to the FAQs gives you more details, cutting through the noise, this matter is about an incident that occurred at Gibson’s Bakery which resulted in students choosing to protest. The students may have been right or they may have been wrong about the details surrounding the incident, but demonstrating is their constitutional right. As always, the College insisted that the demonstrations be supervised, to protect all sides and the entire community from violence and property damage. While we deeply value the jury’s work, we do not believe that case law supports the jury’s determination that Oberlin should be held liable for the speech and actions of its students. To do so is to erode a fundamental constitutional right.

Poor dears. “The students may have been right or they may have been wrong.” Narrator: They were wrong.

According to the lawsuit, some professors even gave students credit for skipping class and protesting in front of the bakery.

Ironic that a college has the inability to learn its lesson.