Apologies in advance for another post on this, but as Twitchy has reported, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has doubled- and tripled-down on her characterization of the detainment facilities at the border as “concentration camps,” but as so many (journalists) have pointed out, she wasn’t necessarily comparing the border crisis to the Holocaust. Who haven’t we called on yet today? Oh, hey, Matthew Dowd, you’re up:

Ah yes, the Boer War — which has been tweeted about more on this single day than in the entire history of Twitter. None of which changes the fact that thousands and thousands of people are arriving at our southern border and claiming asylum … meaning they must be fleeing something worse than they’re getting in those concentration camps: you know, food, shelter, medical attention.

Apparently, though, Rep. Jerry Nadler didn’t get the memo and went ahead and assumed that when she said “Never again,” Ocasio-Cortez was referring to the Holocaust specifically.

Here’s the founder of Americans Against Antisemitism with a brutal body blow:

Funny, Democrats aren’t saying. Their plan seems to have been to deny that there was a border crisis until they couldn’t deny it anymore, and then do nothing about it.

We checked Rep. Nadler’s Twitter feed to see if he followed up with his plan to process all of the illegal immigrants flooding the border, but we didn’t see one. If he does post, we’ll be sure to add it here.