What do you do when you’ve buried yourself up to your neck in a grave you dug? Well, when you’re Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you grab another shovel and go to town:

What conscience would that be? The one that tells her it’s not only acceptable but morally right to invoke the Holocaust to score the cheapest of political points and then try to gaslight everyone who called you out on it?

Actually, we’re pretty sure this constitutes a triple-down. But honestly, at this point, does it really matter? AOC will never apologize for her dishonesty or for trivializing the Holocaust. She never apologizes for any of the horrible things she says or does.

If AOC didn’t exist, we’d have to invent her. Seriously, this woman is unreal.

She sleeps like a baby knowing she lies every day through her damn teeth.



AOC’s on a roll, folks:

Sweet. Fancy. Moses.

No, she’s not comparing it to World War II … she just deliberately used the phrase “Never Again.”

She’s certifiable.

As far as we can tell, AOC hasn’t acknowledged to the public what she’s doing. Which is lying and crapping on Holocaust victims and survivors.