Elizabeth Warren just might be a force to contend with. Yeah, we know she’s crazy and will get hammered over that DNA test she framed as a vindication of her claims to Native American ancestry. But … while Joe Biden can’t figure out where he stands, Warren is going full steam ahead with free everything for everyone, paid for by a two-cent tax on just the “tippy-top” of the economic food chain.

And — this is key — the DNC stuck her at the kids’ table as far as the debates go, meaning she’ll probably dominate all her competitors polling at 1 percent and win the night easily, giving some traction to her campaign. Biden/Warren? Now that’s a nightmare.

While Biden thinks he can “shame” Senate Majority Leader Mitch “Cocaine” McConnell into supporting his agenda, Warren seems to think nothing of nuking the filibuster if it gets in the way of her wealth tax. She made the remarks Monday at the Poor People’s Campaign presidential forum.

In other words …

Even Slate thinks the idea’s nutty: