First, speaking of same-sex couples, we’re wondering which Democratic challenger for president had the best “officiating a gay wedding tweet” today: John Hickenlooper or Seth Moulton?

We’ll start with Hickenlooper, since he beat Moulton by one hour. Is he really suggesting the Supreme Court is going to roll back same-sex marriage?

Moulton’s tweet was later, but the ceremony was fresher:

Too bad you won’t be honored with a spot on the Democratic debate stage. Tough break.

But anyway, you’ll remember that, as TIME reported it, the Internet was “overjoyed” that the teacher on PBS Kids show “Arthur” kicked off the new season in May by marrying his partner, which is kind of odd, because he apparently invited his students to the wedding even though he’s been in the closet for 21 seasons.

“Arthur” is still a kids’ show (although you could argue that), but the revival of “My Little Pony” has attracted a herd of “bronies,” adult men who love the show. They’ll probably be glad to see that Equestria is finally getting a same-sex couple.

CBS News reports:

The writers of “My Little Pony” have confirmed that the latest season of the show will see two new characters – Aunt Holiday and Aunt Lofty. The first episode that includes the same-sex couple will air on June 15, right in the middle of Pride month.

When a photo of the characters was tweeted by a fan account, “My Little Pony” writer Michael Vogel commented on the image: “What a cute couple!!!!!”

A fan then raised the question — are the two rainbow ponies in the photo romantically involved? “Well they aren’t sisters so….” Vogel responded. When the fan asked for clarification, Vogel explained, “When I say ‘cute couple’ I’m saying that Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty are a cute couple. Yes.”


Stop? We’re only halfway through Pride Month: