Forget all the hubbub about “Game of Thrones” and how the latest episode literally had feminists in tears; the big news on TV is that Mr. Ratburn, the teacher on the PBS Kids show “Arthur,” finally came out as gay, although he waited 22 seasons and sprung the big news at his same-sex wedding.

We haven’t seen the episode, but according to the little recap from NowThis News, the man Mr. Ratburn married owns a chocolate shop, which has us trying really, really hard not to make a joke involving fudge.

TIME says the Internet is “overjoyed” that Mr. Ratburn married his life partner and invited his students to his wedding, but most people just seemed amazed the show is still on.

Hey, wait … Pride says not everyone was overjoyed:

It is kind of weird that the character kept his sexuality to himself for 21 seasons and then dropped a same-sex wedding on his students.

He did, actually.

We do wonder about the entire Internet being overjoyed — it reminds us of the fight in Britain between Muslim parents and the school principal who was mandated to present the LGBT-friendly “No Outsiders” project to elementary school children. The Muslim parents weren’t exactly thrilled that the school was teaching sexual orientation to second-graders, so we doubt the “Arthur” wedding would be a big hit either.

Maybe it was all just a ploy to bump up ratings with something controversial. Nah, they probably thought they needed to be as woke as “Sesame Street.” Although in an ironic twist, the creator of Bert and Ernie squashed the idea that they were a gay couple last year: