As Twitchy reported Wednesday night, President Trump lit up Twitter following an interview with George Stephanopoulos where he said if a foreign figure approached him with dirt on his 2020 rival, sure he’d give it a listen.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway poured some cold water on the media firestorm by reminding CNN’s Jake Tapper that Hillary Clinton and the DNC “secretly bought and paid for information sourced to shady foreign actors, got government officials to weaponize it, and used Jake Tapper to publicize it to undermine peaceful transfer of power and meddle in administration of government.”

Of course, Democrats are having a fit and Rep. Ilhan Omar had just one word in response to that ABC News interview:

Sorry, Omar, but you’ve got to wait at the back of a very long line of Democrats who have called for Trump’s impeachment. One Congressman introduced articles of impeachment the day he was sworn in, and Rep. Al Green’s been trying to impeach Trump for everything, from maligning the press to tweeting about NFL players disrespecting the flag by kneeling during the anthem.

In any case, Twitter had its own words for Omar.