CNN’s Chris Cillizza must be looking to join the ratio hall of fame, because he or someone at CNN has tweeted out his latest column at least three times now, in which he says that Fox News has crossed the line by speculating that 2020 candidate Joe Biden is dealing with some secret health issues.

In case you missed it earlier today, Twitchy went back into the archives and dug up examples of the months CNN spent speculating on President Trump’s mental and physical fitness, from citing a psychiatrist with TDS who’d never examined the president to doing a segment on what 12 Diet Cokes a day could do to a person’s body.

But Fox News has done it at last … it’s crossed the line from journalism into activism. Cillizza writes:

These attacks clearly are designed to raise questions in voters’ minds about electing Biden, who would be 78 on Inauguration Day 2021. That would make Biden the oldest president elected to a first term, breaking the record of — you guessed it! — Donald Trump, who was elected at age 70. Which makes the he’s-too-old-to-do-the-job argument a little tin-eared.

The Point: Trump — and his surrogates, including those at Fox — showed they were willing to do anything and everything to get him elected in 2016. These baseless hits on Biden’s health — more than a year before the election — suggest they’ll be following that same blueprint again.

Would it make any difference if we told Cillizza we monitor Twitter all day, and there are a lot of Democrats who have said they won’t support Biden because they’re tired of old men running the country and are looking to support someone younger and more dynamic (and amenable to socialism)?

If CNN had any self-awareness it would take any single one of Biden’s many gaffes and have Stelter run two weeks of segments on Biden’s mental fitness to serve as president. Today Biden said if elected president there’d be a cure for cancer … do a segment on that. Did CNN do a segment on that tonight?

From their tweets, we’re pretty sure Cillizza, Stelter, and Oliver Darcy only watch Fox News.