As Twitchy recently reported, liberals seem much more concerned than conservatives that “The Handmaid’s Tale” could become reality in America. And as Twitchy has also reported, companies like Disney that have no problem doing business with, say, Saudi Arabia, are wringing their hands over continuing to produce films and TV shows in Georgia after the governor signed the heartbeat bill into law. Hey, Bob Iger, ask Saudi Arabia about their abortion laws.

So while progressives in the United States are having hysterical fits that America is becoming a dystopia for women and gays, Iranian women are having to stand up against a massive effort to shut down their protests against the hijab being mandatory. The National Post reports that Iran is deploying an extra 2,000 “morality police” to ensure women keep their heads covered.

The National Post reports:

Iran has deployed 2,000 new morality police units in reaction to what officials call an “increasing defiance” of the compulsory wearing of hijabs.

The units – called “resistance groups for verbal and practical response to bad-hijabi women” – were launched recently in the northern province of Gilan as part of a pilot scheme. They each have six women with the power to arrest and detain those deemed to be flouting strict veiling laws.

The move comes amid a growing backlash by women in the Islamic Republic, hundreds of whom have been arrested for taking off their head coverings in public in protest at the law.

A campaign called “White Wednesday” that encouraged women to wear white and discard their hijabs has also gained support, much to the consternation of conservative clerics.

Wonder if they had any money left over from those pallets of cash to fund this effort?