Well, this is no surprise whatsoever. As Twitchy reported earlier, Thursday, actress and activist Alyssa Milano, who’d defended Joe Biden against groping allegations despite being a #MeToo leader, declared she wasn’t endorsing him (yet) because, on Wednesday, he’d reiterated his support for the Hyde Amendment, sort of. Abortion trumps everything else, and if there’s a single woman too poor to have the procedure, it’s the taxpayer’s duty to pay for it.

On Thursday night, Jumpin’ Joe flip-flopped under pressure and declared before a DNC gala in Atlanta that he did support repeal of the Hyde Amendment after all.

Ah, so he supported it all this time, but with women’s “health” under assault like it currently is, he just can’t support it any longer.

This gives all the independents and #NeverTrumpers another great reason to believe he’ll drop the “moderate” label like a hot rock the second the pressure’s on.

Honest question: Does he even want to run? Does he have a campaign staff, or does he copy and paste all his policies all by himself?