As Twitchy reported, President Trump announced that on June 10, the United States would be imposing a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming into the country from Mexico “until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP.”

Trump’s tariff has received a great deal of criticism, with U.S. automakers fearing that Americans will start buying Japanese and Korean cars due to an estimated $1,300 bump in the price of American-made cars that use Mexican-made parts.

Millennials who never learned to drive anyway were probably more worried about the effect of the tariff on their avocado toast habit, and CNN Business looked into it and found that the price of a Chipotle burrito might go up by as much as five cents.

KPTV reports:

Mexico is a major exporter of avocados and other agricultural products that are important to Chipotle’s menu.

[Chipotle Chief Financial Officer Jack] Hartung said that “we could easily solve the volatility in our supply chain by purchasing pre-mashed or processed avocados which would be cheaper, readily available and provide stability.” But, he noted, doing so would lower the quality of Chipotle’s food.

“Using whole, fresh ingredients and making guacamole by hand in our restaurants each day leads to better tasting guacamole,” he said.

Would Americans settle for pre-mashed avocados? Should they have to?