As Twitchy reported back in January, House Republicans stripped Iowa Rep. Steve King of all committee assignments after he made some Ilhan Omar-level comments excusing and defending white supremacy and white nationalism.

But in a scoop published Monday, POLITICO reports that some House Republicans are pushing to get King his committee assignments back.

So how many is “some”? POLITICO doesn’t even specify but does say that the “cadre of hard-line conservatives” failed to secure the backing of 25 lawmakers required to raise the issue with the Republican Steering Committee.

So, in essence, practically no one in the GOP is pushing for King to be reassigned and a tiny effort has failed miserably.

There are quite a few blue-checks in the comments saying, “Well the GOP is a bunch of Nazis. Of course, they’re pushing to get King his committee assignments back.” Like this Daily Beast and Rolling Stone writer, for example:

Except they aren’t. And not even conservatives want it to happen. They were tired of being embarrassed by King, and that’s why he was stripped of his committee assignments, just like Ilhan Omar was over her anti-Semitic remarks … right?