As Twitchy reported Friday, the latest poll from California wasn’t good for either Sen. Kamala Harris or Rep. Eric Swalwell, with Swalwell, no surprise, polling at less than 1 percent in his own state, placing him below Andrew Yang and somewhere very near Kirsten Gillibrand.

That’s important, because if Swalwell wants the nation’s nuclear codes, first he’s going to have to make it through the debates, and to qualify for a spot on the debate stage, he’s going to need to either register at at least 1 percent in at least three polls or show proof of 65,000 unique donors.

Looks like he’s going for the donors, which is probably a wise move, but there’s not a lot of dignity in his pitches. He promises, he just needs one dollar — it’s not so much the money as he just really needs to rack up some donors.

Are we picking on the guy? Yes — but we’re still a little sore that he said the government could just resort to nukes to put down any armed resistance to his mandatory gun “buyback.”

A shirt with a collar would have been nice.

Oh, that’s cold.