First, it was the actors, and now it’s the TV and movie production companies themselves that are lining up to kowtow to the pro-choice movement and prove their allegiance to abortion rights to America.

But when it comes to Georgia, they sure are taking a wait-and-see approach, continuing with business as usual in the state of Georgia and hoping the courts strike down the state’s new abortion law.

As Twitchy reported, Netflix said it would “rethink” its investment in Georgia, and Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger said it would be “very difficult” to keep doing business there if the law weren’t struck down.

Now CBS/Showtime has fallen into line with the very brave statement that “the ability to attract great talent” might make the state no longer “viable” for location shooting.

Have we mentioned that the entire entertainment industry is wringing its hands over a heartbeat bill? Yes, thank you, Hollywood for reminding us that everyone should support abortion right up until delivery as women’s health care.

Has Hollywood ever considered that there might be different points of view once you get outside of Los Angeles? Sure, it was the tax incentives that lured you there, but we’re sure it was a shock to find people with different moral standards.

Note that they haven’t left yet; for now, they’re just “concerned.” Let us know when they stop distributing movies in countries where there are abortion laws.