We don’t want to see any publication disappear — not even Salon — because we can at least make fun of the most woke and progressive ones. We were not amused, though, when The Bulwark decided to send über-liberal Molly Jong-Fast to “conserve conservatism” at CPAC this year and ridicule pro-life speakers and mock a man battling cancer by saying he looks “400 years old.” She deleted that one, as well as a funny caption to go along with a photo of the president and first lady at a memorial for tornado victims.

And that’s just Jong-Fast.

In any case, The Bulwark seems to see itself this way:

You can write pieces criticizing Trump and be conservative at the same time; it’s not that difficult.

That’s a toss-up; conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin seems to want Stacey Abrams to run.

Yeah, get noted conservative comedian Jong-Fast in here with some more jokes about “very very very very anti-choice” pro-lifers.

That didn’t go as planned, we suspect.


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