And The Bulwark’s plan to let “token lib” Molly Jong-Fast cover CPAC took a turn for the ugly this afternoon after she mocked conservative radio host John Batchelor who is battling oropharyngeal cancer which could end his talk-radio career.

Jong-Fast later deleted her tweet saying “this guy is 400 years old”:

From Princeton Alumni Weekly on Batchelor’s fight:

So when Batchelor was diagnosed in October 2018 with oropharyngeal cancer — more specifically, a malignant tumor at the base of the radio host’s tongue that threatened his ability to speak on air — it came as a shock.

The John Batchelor Show markets itself as “an essential tool for understanding the new order in the 21st century.” Tune in after dark, online, and on radio stations across the country, and you will hear Batchelor from his 770-AM WABC studio in New York. In his knowing growl, he dissects the day’s news with journalists, authors, and commentators seven nights a week.

Cancer meant surgery and radiation, fatigue, and changes to his distinctive voice — maybe even no voice at all.

But the good Princetonian wasn’t about to let all that disrupt his work. “It’s a roulette wheel of life,” Batchelor said. On Nov. 2, Batchelor entered Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for surgery. He opted to walk into the operating room, through the maze of identical corridors, rather than ride a gurney.

She deleted the tweet mocking his age, but this one on his droopy tie is still up. Yes, it’s a mystery . . . why would someone battling cancer in his throat not tie his tie tightly?

As we told you earlier, Jong-Fast’s attendance was promoted by the website’s editor-in-chief, Charlie Sykes:

Some business model you got there, guys: