Seriously, all 22 of the other Democratic candidates for president in 2020 should have watched Bernie Sanders’ town hall on Fox News. For one thing, people actually watched, and second, the audience seemed pretty receptive.

Elizabeth Warren made a big show — and a fundraising effort — out of her very public refusal to do a Fox News town hall, calling Fox News a “for-profit hate racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists.”

Laughably, Rep. Eric Swalwell, polling at 0 percent, claimed that Fox News was afraid of him and that’s why they turned him down.

Now Pete Buttigieg has announced he will be doing a Fox News town hall, but he also wants his supporters to know he strongly condemns the voices on Fox, whose goal is to “spread fear and lies.”

Dude, you’re trying to demonize Chris Wallace? Good luck.

So what you’re all saying is that Fox News viewers would tune in and watch a Pete Buttigieg town hall, thus giving the network ad revenue (a Buttigieg a ton of exposure).

The guy whose user name is The GOP Lies Everyday is worried about people listening to opposing views in bad faith.

So Buttigieg will actually lose votes for appearing on Fox News to do a town hall? Enjoy eating each other, Democrats.


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