Every media outlet that exists is reporting Saturday on a lengthy thread by Republican Rep. Justin Amash and his call for the impeachment of President Trump, making him the first Republican to do so. Rep. Rashida “We’re gonna impeach that motherf**ker!” Tlaib invited Amash to stop by her office and see her etchings.

Dan Rather has also become an Amash fan, and when both Tlaib and Rather back something a Republican has done, we can’t help but become skeptical.

NeverTrumper Bill Kristol’s pretty impressed too:

Anyway, here’s Amash’s thread, and then we’ll get to some reactions that aren’t so fawning.

We see where he’s going, but we sort of were thrown off the train when it took that hard pivot from “Russian collusion” to “obstruction of justice” so quickly.

Amash is getting a lot of love from liberals, of course, but there’s been some picking and choosing among the four points in his very first tweet.

Oh, he’ll get plenty of offers to appear on cable news.

Ouch … that’s twice he’s been compared to Jeff Flake.

All of the Democrats who’ve actually filed articles of impeachment (Steve Cohen, Brad Sherman, Al Green) must be ticked off at all the publicity Amash is getting today.


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