As Twitchy just reported, it almost looked as though 2020 runner-up (according to the latest polls) Bernie Sanders tried to stifle a laugh when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposed setting up a non-profit bank for the entire country and having it run by the financial wizards at the United States Post Service, because they’ve got nothing but time on their hands.

Sanders might not have laughed — sounds like he’s fully on board — but we did when we found out the names of the newest marginalized classes in America: the “unbanked” and “underbanked.”

And of course, banks are racist. It’s racist to offer free voter ID at any DMV in the country — still too inconvenient and expensive — but the Post Office will make sure that it welcomes people of color who find themselves “unbanked” and makes sure they get basic banking services, which we assume is check-cashing and that’s it if they’re smart.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were pretty much neck-and-neck in the polls before Biden officially jumped in and took a double-digit jump over his rival almost immediately. Maybe people don’t want socialism after all, but please, run on making the Post Office even less efficient.

Then forgive the loans. Easy.

Did he come up with this idea, because it’s especially frightening to think a front-runner for the Democratic nomination is getting his ideas from “economics major” and all-around financial genius Ocasio-Cortez.

You know who’ll love this idea? The communists who tweeted they were going to burn down all the banks after the revolution after Chase “poor-shamed” people by suggesting they make coffee at home and bank the savings.