As Twitchy reported Tuesday night, The New York Times obtained printouts of President Trump’s 1040s from 1985 to 1994 and found that he’d lost more than a billion dollars over the course of the decade. Since nothing was out of order on the tax forms, the Times ran with the angle that lauded businessman Trump had lost so much money while holding himself out as a great deal-maker.

First, did you catch that? He was making himself the media’s go-to symbol for wealth; the media had nothing to do with it, obviously.

“An investigation shows that Donald Trump’s reputation was built on red ink” — or, they could have just read “The Art of the Comeback.” It’s too late to stop the Times from doing a victory lap over Trump’s losses, but Steve Robinson, executive producer of The Howie Carr Show, did a quick investigation into the Times and its business acumen:

That would be embarrassing.

* * *


It looks like all the reporters got the memo: