Is was just over two years ago that Rachel Maddow sent The Resistance hyperventilating into paper bags with the news that she had in her possession Donald Trump’s tax returns. Remember this?

You might also remember that although her ratings were through the roof, the revealing of the 2005 tax return was a giant dud: it turned out that Trump paid about $38 million in federal tax in 2005, leaving The New York Times to try to keep the excitement going with this hot take:

Yeah? Yawn.

Now The New York Times is trying to recapture that magic by revealing that it has 10 years’ worth of Trump’s federal income tax returns; well, figures from the tax returns at least.

We kind of miss all the pundits talking about Russian collusion 24/7 — at least that was mildly interesting.

Good point.

Second look at Bill Weld?