As Twitchy reported earlier, Real Journalist™ Maeve Reston all but swooned after presidential candidate Kamala Harris accused Attorney General William Barr of not looking at the evidence underlying the Mueller report before issuing his four-page summary of it. CNN has video of the 2020 contender grandstanding (again):

Exiting the hearing, Harris doubled-down and said that Barr should resign:

Brit Hume wonders what Harris would be saying now if Barr had withheld release of the report until he’d reviewed all the underlying evidence.

That was the Democrats’ demand the minute the Mueller report was declared finished: release the whole thing now, unredacted, along with all underlying evidence. Maybe they should have held off on their hearing until they’d sifted through two years’ worth of evidence, including the million documents President Trump turned over.

The key to impeachment is in there somewhere if they just keep digging and digging. That’s what the whole thing was for.

So Barr wasn’t supposed to trust what was in Mueller’s 400-page report and review all the underlying evidence himself? We remember when a reporter couldn’t believe Barr had read 400 pages over a single weekend, and now they can’t believe he didn’t sift through millions of pages.