In the interest of fairness, Kamala Harris had her chance to grandstand at today’s Senate hearing with AG Bill Barr. And she milked it for all it was worth — though she didn’t necessarily do herself any favors with the reality-based crowd:

Fortunately for Harris, even if her arguments failed to persuade conservatives that she knows what she’s doing, they were good enough for some of media’s best and bravest firefighters:

What part of being a Guardian of Truth involves openly swooning over Democrats?

We’ll tell you this much: Maeve Reston’s mad love for Kamala Harris is certainly very instructive when it comes to understanding the media’s current reputation.

Hope she’s got an extra one for Nicolle Wallace:

OMG, you guys.

Nicolle’s really on a roll today! And we have no doubt there’s still plenty more where that came from.

So much journalism, it’ll make your head spin.