It’s rare that CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta makes things about himself, but he made an exception Monday to post a photo of himself in the recording studio reading his upcoming book, “The Enemy of the People — A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.”

Great title … did he leave his Washington bubble and interview people who tell the truth, or were they all in hiding because it’s such a dangerous time for them? We mean, CNN was made to sit in the back row at one outdoor press conference, and another time Sarah Huckabee Sanders brought in a pecan pie that April Ryan wouldn’t touch, thinking it was poisoned or something. Maybe it was.

Ben Shapiro came up with the winning caption:

Don’t laugh, he’ll probably get one; Barack Obama has two Grammys, one for each of his two audiobooks.

Yeah, if the Trump administration allows it to be published. It’s a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.


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