As we said the other day when 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell was soliciting donations for his campaign, we wonder if he’s noticed that he’s polling at around zero percent among currently declared candidates.

His first thought, when confronted with the logistics of his gun confiscation plan, was to threaten to deploy nukes on U.S. citizens. He embarrassed himself on cable news by being one of the loudest voices saying how the Mueller report would take down Trump. He embarrassed himself further by refusing to debate Dana Loesch on guns, demanding instead to talk to a man at the NRA.

And the other day his followers overwhelmingly chose to spend a hypothetical dollar on half a bag of chips rather than contribute to his campaign. Now he’s back and he wants five bucks.

Seriously: every time we see an Eric Swalwell campaign ad pop up in our feed now we get hungry for potato chips. That’s probably not the effect he wanted.