Wow, Talia Lavin really is a piece of work. After smearing a former Marine and double-amputee by mistakenly identifying him as a neo-Nazi, she was promoted to Media Matters to focus on the far right. Now she’s a journalism instructor at New York University teaching about writing about the far right. The problem is everyone she sees is “far right.”

We wonder if she’s teaching a section on libel because she seems to be good at that, smearing Ben Shapiro in a Washington Post piece as a “far-right pundit” whose tweets about the Notre Dame fire “evoked the specter of a war between Islam and the West.”

They absolutely did not, and The Washington Examiner wrote a piece about it, saying that like many late-night comedians who go political and then retreat into, “I’m just a harmless comic” mode when challenged, Lavin had her own clown-nose on, clown-nose off routine:

Talia Lavin’s clown nose-on, clown nose-off routine is becoming tiresome. And nowhere was her hypocrisy on full display more than in her hackneyed hit-job against Ben Shapiro in the pages of the Washington Post.

So, Lavin willfully and shameless smeared Shapiro, not only branding him an Islamophobe but also strongly insinuating that he’s inciting literal terrorism. This is a pattern of behavior for her. It certainly doesn’t pass the threshold of defamation, but Lavin has no journalistic integrity. That the eighth-most-read newspaper on the internet and across the globe deemed her suitable for publication is unconscionable.

Here’s Lavin’s counter-argument:

No, she’s guilty.

Stellar hire, NYU.