As Twitchy told you yesterday, the Bulwark’s Molly Jong-Fast accused Ben Shapiro of politicizing the Notre Dame fire because Shapiro emphasized what made and still makes Notre Dame so special:

Not to be outdone, disgraced former New Yorker fact checker, current NYU journalism instructor, and eternal garbage person Talia Lavin wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post:

What she wrote was garbage.

To make her case that “the far right” has been spreading lies about the fire, Lavin groups Shapiro in with conspiracy theorists and white supremacists. These tweets are apparently supposed to serve as evidence that Shapiro’s a neo-Nazi:

Now, Shapiro’s pushing back against the ugly narrative Lavin is peddling. He’s pissed off — and he has every right to be:

Is there no low to which Talia Lavin will not stoop to slime conservatives? The answer, it would seem, is no.

Believing in the superiority of Western civilization in the way Shapiro believes in it does not make him an alt-right neo-Nazi bigot. But suggesting it does makes Talia Lavin a mendacious, vindictive little troll. And it doesn’t speak highly of the Washington Post that they’d green-light such a blatant hit job.

WaPo’s Credibility Dies in Sunlight.



This should really tell you all you need to know about Talia Lavin’s endgame:

Of course.