You might remember back during the Justice Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings when people online and in the news started spreading the word that a young woman named Zina Bash seated behind Kavanaugh flashed a “white power” hand signal in view of the TV cameras. Her signal to her white supremacist colleagues that neo-Nazi Kavanaugh was a shoo-in?

As the ADL has pointed out in its database of hate symbols, the “OK” sign was the fruit of a 4chan trolling campaign launched in 2017; the gag was to put out the word that it was a white power symbol and then dig up photos of celebrities and such flashing it, putting the Internet into a panic.

Now we’re not sure if Carl Winkleton is a parody or a real person; his Twitter bio certainly is the stuff of parody: “Professor of Anthropology, Fighter for the less privileged, LGBTQIA+ advocate, Husband to a loving wife and father to a non-binary son. #Resist #StopTheHate.”

Parody or not, the account alerted the SPLC, ACLU, ADL, Right Wing Watch and … Tariq Nasheed! … to look out for this new symbol:


True. If Carl’s a parody, he’s following through nicely.


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