This is weird — we just published a post on what has to be a parody of white power hand symbols — and who should pop up in our timeline but former New Yorker fact-checker Talia Lavin, who smeared as a Nazi a veteran of the Marine Corps and double amputee who now works for ICE by misidentifying his tattoo as an Iron Cross.

As Twitchy reported, she lost the fact-checking job, went on to specialize in the alt-right for Media Matters, and took a gig as an instructor at New York University teaching a class on “Reporting on the Far Right.”

Now we’ve spent all day covering progressives defending Rep. Ilhan Omar’s thoughtless characterization of 9/11, but Lavin is all in and dares to go where no celebrities or Democrats have dared go. We’re certain this is not a parody:

No, she’s proved to double-down on seriously bad takes. It’s what she does that makes her so “edgy.”

She didn’t deserve the time it took to type those two tweets, but good job.


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