As Twitchy has reported, New York University has made some great hires in its journalism school recently. Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca is going to be teaching a class on feminist journalism by having her students read articles from Teen Vogue, and Talia Lavin, the former New Yorker fact-checker who smeared a Marine Corps veteran and ICE analyst as a Nazi by misinterpreting his tattoo, will be teaching a class on “Reporting on the Far Right.”

Apparently, Levin has gotten a lot of grief over this new teaching gig, and she’s using the attention to solicit donations from anyone who’d like to become her patron.

Pro tip: It’s a good idea to back down when you misidentify someone as a neo-Nazi. So yeah, we question her credentials as a teacher of right-wing journalism when she cries wolf at a platoon symbol from Afghanistan.

We’ll bet mom and dad are happy they wrote that fat tuition check now. What a pro.