Just to make it clear right off the bat: death threats are abhorrent. And we’re very honestly sorry that there are people out there who would threaten the life of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But …

The “uncalled for rhetoric” to which Ocasio-Cortez referred Wednesday — and we agree it was uncalled for — was the subject line to a fundraising email sent by Ohio College Republicans, who said, “AOC is a domestic terrorist.” This apparently triggers death threats.

Um … not to nit-pick, but it’s not just the GOP that goes over the top with rhetoric. It didn’t take much searching to find Ocasio-Cortez tweeting that politicians who accept donations from the NRA “kill hundreds of people.” If “AOC is a domestic terrorist” triggers people to threaten violence, that tweet probably did too. Wonder if Sen. Marco Rubio got any threatening calls after this went online?

We hope Ocasio-Cortez is monitoring responses to her tweet closely because a lot of her followers are calling Republicans much worse things than domestic terrorists, and that could lead to anger and threats. Maybe in her next tweet, she warned her supporters to cool it, but we haven’t checked.

If anyone knows about death threats, it’s Dana Loesch, and she wasn’t really feeling much sympathy for Ocasio-Cortez.

We’ve done a bunch of posts on people being harassed just for wearing MAGA hats — guess we should blame Alyssa Milano for writing an op-ed saying it’s no different than putting on a Klan hood.

Heck, we’re old enough to remember when President Obama himself told Democrats to get in people’s faces. And when Rep. Maxine Waters told a crowd of people to mob members of the Trump administration at gas stations, grocery stores … anywhere.